San Francisco, CA (July 3, 2015)NerdWallet, a consumer advocacy website, recently conducted a study to find the best cities for military veterans in the nation – and Summerville, South Carolina ranked 14th.

To identify the communities where military veterans can find employment opportunities as well as a high standard of living, NerdWallet evaluated 1,286 cities across America and examined the following variables:

·       Median income

·       Unemployment and poverty rates

·       Percentage of residents who are veterans

·       Prevalence of industries that employ more veterans than civilians

Summerville was named the 14th best city for veterans in the nation as a result of its strong economic indicators and robust veteran community. Veterans make up a large portion of Summerville residents, at 13.4% of the total population. This comes as little surprise, given that veterans here have an unemployment rate of just 2% and a poverty rate of 3.2%. Industries that employ more veterans than civilians – like manufacturing and warehousing – make up a quarter of the workforce, and veterans earn a median income of $44,390. Summerville’s healthy economic environment is complemented by an excellent quality of life; residents here enjoy attractions like the Summerville Orchestra, Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site and Summerville Country Club.