Health experts confirm retiring seniors and older adults should focus on promoting their health and well-being. 

As a group of people who are constantly seeking intellectual growth, longevity, and cultural diversity, today’s active adult communities are designed to meet these demands.

Here are just some of the ways seniors and older adults can remain physically and socially active when living in 55 plus communities.

Active Adult Communities most always have facilities and amenities such as fitness rooms, wellness clinics, yoga studios, gathering places, classrooms, game rooms, dining venues, ballrooms, and other health related facilities.

Seniors living in these 55 plus communities can engage in sports and games such as golf and tennis. These sports activities enhance the mental and physical health of older adults. They also allow the residents to socially interact and foster their sense of community.

When you are socially active, the brain is engaged and this helps you maintain a sharper mind while also reducing impairment of your cognitive function.

For example, if you interact with your peers frequently, it prevents mental issues such as stress and depression. Studies indicate your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease is also lowered, unlike seniors who tend to be socially isolated.

In 55 plus communities, the majority of seniors get out of their houses for social and physical stimulation rather than staying at home alone.

The residents participate in gym workouts. Attending a gym session will keep you socially and physically active. And, seniors who exercise and keep their social life alive tend to reduce the number of visits they must make to a doctor.

55 plus communities offer a vibrant, fulfilling life for seniors and older adults seeking neighbors that offer them a new way of living.

Participating in yoga classes has enormous benefits. One substantial benefit is improving range of motion. Other benefits include keeping memory and cognitive functions at peak levels, as well as reducing stress and depression.

Access to nature is a growing amenity of 55 communities. Often there are nature trails designed around the 55 plus communities where residents can bike, jog or walk and experience the natural settings.

In 55 plus clubhouses, seniors can engage in learning activities provided by medical experts, nutritionists, and fitness professionals. You can learn about topics such as nutrition, how to lead a healthy lifestyle, quitting smoking, exercising the body, and improving food choices.

Event venues, like the 4000 square foot Farmhouse at Carillon At The Ponds, a 55+ Community here in the Charleston area, are very popular. These event venues can host special events like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other occasions for seniors living in the communities and their families.

When you live in a 55 plus community, it is easy for older adults to remain active with so many options for an active lifestyle.

So, if you want to know what is the best place to retire in South Carolina, then Charleston is your perfect bet. And, when you live in Charleston we have several 55+ communities to choose the ideal home.  

Carillon at The Ponds - Summerville, SC

Cresswind at The Ponds - Summerville, SC

Del Webb Charleston - Summerville, SC

Del Webb Nexton, Summerville, SC

Four Seasons at the Lakes of Cane Bay - Summerville, SC

The Elms of Charleston - North Charleston, SC

The Pines at Gahagan - Summerville, SC

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