With the housing inventory at a low point in the Charleston SC area, it might be wise to shop early if buying a home. As the heat of the buying season begins, you may get into bidding wars due to the shortage which will drive the price up. I suggest to go home shopping now where you may find a deal or too. Some homes that are vacant and have been on the market for 4 months or more could be snatched up for prices way below asking price.

On the flip side, if selling, as the Spring season is the time when most sellers put their homes on the market, this year I think the optimal time to list will be April to June when the herd of buyers will be out and you will get the highest value for your home. Let's hope you get a few buyers interested and your home gets bid up way above your asking price!

If you are a buyer or seller, please give my team at 55PlusRealEstate a call. We will be happy to provide you with information about our local markets and look forward in working with you.