A Buyer’s Agent is your advocate when buying a home.

A Buyer’s Agent will protect your interests from the first steps of looking for a home, through the negotiation process, and through the many steps necessary to have a successful closing.

A Buyer's Agent will interact as necessary with the four professional home inspectors (home inspector, termite inspector, appraiser, and surveyor) that will inspect your new home on your behalf to ensure it meets your standards and written contractual requirements.  

A Buyer's Agent will interact with the loan officer, insurance agent (flood, wind and hail, earthquake, and home), surveyor, appraiser, and the closing attorney on your behalf to ensure a smooth and timely closing.

A Buyer’s Agent costs you nothing – the Seller pays all of the commissions!

The primary concern for the Seller’s agent is “the Seller”, not the Buyer!

If you find a home that you want to see…

  • Through the internet.
  • Seeing an ad in the paper.
  • Driving by a house with a “for sale” sign.
  • Visiting an open house.
  • Seeing a “For Sale by Owner” sign.
  • Visiting a model home.

Call a Buyer's Agent first to get more information up front. Schedule a time for both of you to see the home together. Doing this may save you time and money. Having a Buyer's Agent by your side will help you learn specifics about the house that are not readily apparent.  

If you decide to visit the home without your Buyer's Agent, be sure to give the showing agent your Buyer's Agent card and tell them... “Yes, you have a Buyer’s Agent.”  

Remember, a Buyer’s Agent works for you and you pay nothing extra.  The Seller pays all of the commissions.

Buying a home is a major investment… It is in your best interest to work with a professional real estate agent who will be your advocate throughout the process.

In the Charleston area, Debra Whitfield is your Buyer's Agent.

Call Debra today at (843) 367-4845 to represent you!

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